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Dedication to expertly-crafted, unique custom design has built our reputation over 50 years as Sydney’s North Shore premier boutique building firm. Our premium first-floor additions make the absolute best of what you’ve already got to add value to your home and lifestyle. Creating something brand new from the ceiling up adds much needed space without chewing into your gardens or your budget.

Our full design and construct service is built to ensure that your project is handheld in its entirety from very beginning to end. Bringing all moving parts together under one Project Manager reduces error and wastage, including budget blowouts, time loss and construction stress.

Add 60% - 70% in new floor space on top and open up your downstairs to create a whole new home...all at less than the cost of a traditional ground floor extension. Less red tape, no excavation, stay living at home while all the works are done...redefining homes at their best.

Your first-floor addition must not look or feel like a tack on. There is a fine art to blending the new with your existing home, both inside and out. However, it doesn’t end there. Modifying downstairs as space opens up ensures the whole home is transformed and gains are maximised.

Raise The Roof Home Integrations


Raise The Roof Home Integrations Sydney

Providing 50 years of building experience throughout Sydney’s Northern Beaches, our history and longevity have built our reputation for excellence in 1st Floor Additions. We guarantee a team of highly trained professionals versed in the most advanced industry techniques and methods, along with our promise to keep you smiling by listening to your hopes and concerns and transcribing them into your dream home extension.

Our commitment to every homeowner is to bring every facet of our experience to your project, knowing full well our guarantee and execution are on display.



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We know it can feel harrowing to leave your home in the hands of a builder. In the construction industry, the key thing our clients are looking for is the confidence to know that they are employing a company that is what it says it is. Raise The Roof has built a brand and reputation for first-floor additions with the highest professional standards, which are on display throughout the region both in our work and interactions with our clients.


A first-floor extension should always fit like a glove, mirroring the original design of the house - it’s got to look like it has always been there. This requires innovative design, an eye for detail and the ability to think outside the box...it’s the only way to ensure you don’t create just a box.


Unique, custom designs that suit your individuality and personal preferences are created by our design team who love to be able to really spread their wings and explore new and exciting designs for our clients. By effectively mixing and matching a variety of styles and techniques, our team can create a profoundly exciting and original extension to your home.


Our complimentary consultation service is built on the core principles of open communication, respect and trust so that you feel completely comfortable from the very first time we meet. This consult is designed to understand your hopes and dreams, ensuring that you feel safe and non-pressured, remembering that the entire process is about what you want to achieve.

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Raise The Roof Home Integration Northern Beach
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