How Upper Level Extensions are a Great Budget-Friendly Option


Now more than ever, families are guarding their investments as much as possible, spending wisely on larger investments, ensuring they provides the maximum returns. Overall, it is significantly more expensive to extend out than up as you need to create new shoes (foundations) and extend the hat (roof). Excavation is required, footings and sub-floor framing must be established, along with the extensive works to join the extension onto the existing property. Building up is simply a matter of adding onto the existing footprint. Once your second storey is complete, a simple break through to the lower floor provides for the stairwell and your home’s overall footprint has been significantly extended without the need for meeting more extensive council regulations and reducing your land size. To learn more about the benefits of extending UP and not OUT, download our eBook: “The Kingpin 6 Ways you Benefit from Extending Up Instead of Out” ~