Why Build Out when you can Build Up?


There are way more factors to consider when building OUT instead of UP…here’s just ONE of them ⬇️. One of the biggest and costliest factors to consider when extending your floor plan out is the requirement of a stormwater detection tank. This is absolutely necessary for your new space, as it controls the flow and speed of runoff into the local stormwater catchment area. A stormwater detection tank is a requirement for most councils, but it doesn’t come cheap! Investing in an OSD can cost between $20-30 THOUSAND dollars, depending on the size of your extension. But this can easily be avoided when you opt to build UP, instead. There are fewer expenses and additional red tape involved when investing in a first-floor addition, making it a better option for families looking to expand the space of their home. This is just ONE of the many reasons for why a first-floor addition is a better option. To learn more, download our eBook: “The Kingpin 6 Ways you Benefit from Extending Up Instead of Out” ~ https://go.rt-d.com/raise-ebook-dl.