A More Cost-Effective Option in Creating More Space with your Home


Many clients find it hard to believe that extending UP is a more cost-effective option than extending OUT… But this is what many fail to consider when they choose the latter ⬇️. When you’re extending out, you will need to budget properly to take into consideration: 💰 Creating new foundations. 💰 The construction of an extended roof. 💰 Excavation. 💰 Footings. 💰 Sub-floor framing. Not to mention the extensive works to join the new spaces with the existing property 💸💸💸. Extending up is simply a matter of building onto the existing footprint, making it a more ideal and cost-effective option for those wanting to add more space into their home. If you’re still on the fence about what type of extension to consider, we’ve created a resource to help you with your research. To learn more, download our eBook: “The Kingpin 6 Ways you Benefit from Extending Up Instead of Out” ~ https://go.rt-d.com/raise-ebook-dl.