Raise the Roof Concept to Completion Sydney


Raise the Roof provides a comprehensive and total experience from the very first day of planning, through to the ultimate completion of the job. We are there to help you plan and design your project, gain council approval and file relevant paperwork, procure necessary assessment reports and manage the entire process.

We never go into any job with anything less than our 100% commitment and care, which ultimately shows in the impeccable results we have achieved for our clients.


Every project inevitably begins with the design phase. This is an extremely variable stage as you can have as much, or as little, input as you like. If you have something very specific in mind you can work with our crew to achieve your dream result. Alternatively, you can put your trust entirely in our hands to create a unique and innovative result.

Detailed Planning and Engineering Reports

After the joy of creating the dream on paper, it’s time to generate all the necessary planning and engineering reports to finalise direction and ensure correct construction materials and techniques are used to adhere with all building codes and safety standards.

Council Approvals

Council approvals and bureaucratic processes are the last thing you want to think about when deciding to undertake the exciting journey of home renovation. Let us deal with all the hassle and paperwork that is inexorably linked to home extensions so you can enjoy the ride.

Timely & Precise Construction

A common problem amongst construction professionals is finishing the job within the agreed timeframe. We understand that this causes so many other unwanted problems and hassles for you and your family, which is why we promise, weather permitting, to reach handover at the time we agreed.

Getting Started

Determining how to extend your home to get the best out of your property as a whole is a puzzle that requires the expert collaboration of an industry expert. To begin to develop the picture of what’s possible, we provide an obligation free, complementary consultation where we will discuss:

  The aspects of your home that are currently letting you down.

  The lifestyle goals you want to achieve.

  How the first-floor extension can open up opportunities to improve the floor plan of your lower floor, exponentially increasing return on investment.

  Your budget.

  Expected timeframes.

  Any questions you have.