How long will it take to complete my build?

For the average first-floor addition you can expect construction to take up to 3 months. In many cases, homeowners are able to continue living in the home during construction.

What insurance do you have?

All insurances required by law are held by Raise the Roof. These include: Builders “All Risk Insurance”, in addition to Home Warranty Insurance, which guarantees your build for 7 years.

Can I remain living in my home during construction?

Normally, yes. We complete the upper addition first before installing the stairs which minimises disruption to your home life and routines until the very end of construction.

Who will be my main point of contact?

Our Project Manager is your Go To person throughout the construction of your first-floor addition and our office staff are always here to support you any time you need.

How do you manage unforeseen problems?

We rarely experience unforeseen problems as every project is planned so carefully before any work begins. However, should the unexpected occur, our 50 years of buidling experience ensures we have the breadth of skill and knowledge to handle it with ease.

What happens if there are defects after the build is complete?

We Guarantee to fix any defects immediately and any structural problems are covered by our Home Warranty insurance for 7 years.