Raise the Roof First Floor Additions Northern Beaches


Our aim at Raise the Roof is to create stunning, affordable, 1st floor additions for the people of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Our tight knit group has been working together for decades and over time we have created a symphony style that moves seamlessly from one aspect of the works to the next, while minimising any disruption to your daily routines.

We love new challenges and prospects, relishing the opportunity to demonstrate our creative flair and practical expertise. Every different design we come up with is absolutely unique and individual in its nature to create a profoundly exciting and original extension to your home.

When considering an extension to your home and whether to build up or extend out, take the time to consider the pros and cons. There are a multitude of benefits to creating an extension that works with your home’s existing footprint, including but not limited to:

● Greater Square Footage: Your current ceiling provides much more ‘land’ to build upon than extending out into your garden.
● More Accommodation: Greater square footage means more options for rooms. Extra bedrooms, parents retreat, library, home office, second bathroom...it’s all available up top.
● Ground Floor Upgrade: As we break through to the lower floor to build your stairwell, the floor plan of the lower level is instantly opened up. In addition, with your extra space now upstairs, your ground floor can undergo a shuffle, providing open plan living opportunities that were not available before.
● Stay at Home: No need to work around rubble or move out of your home during construction. In many instances, your first-floor extension hums away on top while you get on with life down below, allowing you to save a fortune in extra accomodation costs and keep close to the action.

Download our free guide to learn about all the cost and time savings that a first-floor addition brings.

Getting Started

Determining how to extend your home to get the best out of your property as a whole is a puzzle that requires the expert collaboration of an industry expert. To begin to develop the picture of what’s possible, we provide an obligation free, complementary consultation where we will discuss:

  The aspects of your home that are currently letting you down.

  The lifestyle goals you want to achieve.

  How the first-floor extension can open up opportunities to improve the floor plan of your lower floor, exponentially increasing return on investment.

  Your budget.

  Expected timeframes.

  Any questions you have.