Raise the Roof Home Integrations Sydney’s Northern Beaches


Our eye is on the prize, which is the best possible return on investment that can be garnered out of the home you already have. This means that the work we execute in your extension must:

● Seamlessly blend to your existing home.
● Use the highest quality materials and techniques within budget to ensure construction is built to last.
● Engage the most experienced tradespeople to execute their specialist craft in inspiring and unique ways to ensure wow factor is reached.
● Consider the entire property and how the first-floor addition can create gains for your ground floor and garden areas as well.
● Reflect your current lifestyle goals and be adaptable to the future, providing for spaces to be repurposed as your family grows over time.

In order to complete your project to its fullest, we are able to assist you with a ground-floor extension should that also be required.

Getting Started

Determining how to extend your home to get the best out of your property as a whole is a puzzle that requires the expert collaboration of an industry expert. To begin to develop the picture of what’s possible, we provide an obligation free, complementary consultation where we will discuss:

  The aspects of your home that are currently letting you down.

  The lifestyle goals you want to achieve.

  How the first-floor extension can open up opportunities to improve the floor plan of your lower floor, exponentially increasing return on investment.

  Your budget.

  Expected timeframes.

  Any questions you have.